Musician with passion.
World concert pianist.

Music! Sometimes expressive and pure sonorous virtuosity, sometimes delicate and finely hewed: Claudia Janet Birkholz has dedicated her entire artistic work to sound art. The infinite depth of her musical world, her absolute technical control over the instrument and the surprising originality of her interpretations inspire her audience. The internationally popular concert pianist’s magic flows from expressing music in different ways, allowing sounds to speak – opening ears and hearts to an entirely new musical experience. To pursue her ideal, she invites important guests to lecture-concerts, organises cultural events, and develops new interdisciplinary approaches. As a lecturer at the University of the Arts Bremen, she has also shaped young musicians and entire generations of artists over 25 years. Claudia Janet Birkholz is exceptional in her field. Not only because she pushes the boundaries of sound art, but completely dissolves them and creates a musical experience second to none.

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Claudia Janet Birkholz is known for her virtuoso piano playing. Each tone takes the audience on a journey into a new dimension of sound art, challenges their listening habits and expands their understanding of music. With her solo and ensemble performances, she has already appeared in prestigious concert halls in the largest music metropolises. She surprises, she brings the audience under her spell, she enthrals at multiple levels – whether with original interpretations or new playing techniques of contemporary sound art.


What does music have to do with neuroscience or mathematics? How does artificial intelligence influence music composition? With moderated discussion concerts, Claudia Janet Birkholz has established a unique format that facilitates exchanges between the audience and guests from science, art and business, thus opening up a completely new approach to new music. Cultural events that produce new knowledge. And ensure that the unheard is heard and understood.


New inspiration for your own performance – or first encounters with the world of sound: Claudia Janet Birkholz offers workshops that enable music to be experienced on an intense emotional level.
Whether artists, students or people who do not play an instrument, the participants approach the music in an unconventional way, question thought patterns and expand their musical horizons. A challenge. An experiment. An important experience for your own artistic work.

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Her concerts and events are a cultural highlight: Here you can see at a glance where Claudia Janet Birkholz’s art can be enjoyed in the near future.


She appears as a soloist and in an ensemble at prestigious international festivals. She develops programmes through which she pushes boundaries and pioneers new musical directions. She stages performances that will linger in her audience’s memory for years to come. Claudia Janet Birkholz, born in Bremen, loves and lives contemporary music in all its facets. And, as a popular interpreter of piano music, she is one of the world’s best in the field of contemporary sound art.

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Performances, concert talks, workshops or scientific and cultural exchange: Claudia Janet Birkholz offers programmes and formats for a wide variety of occasions and requirements and is open to new impulses.
Feel free to contact us for a non-binding discussion of your ideas, and experience unforgettable moments of sound art on a new plane together.