A look into the soul of new music

Claudia Janet Birkholz’s concerts are an enriching experience for those who have never come into contact with her sound art. A listening pleasure for all those who know and appreciate contemporary music. Whether on the grand piano or the tiny toy piano, with electronics, accompanying instruments or without: in elaborately arranged, well thought-out and intensely staged concert programmes, she brings sounds to life and imparts music in her incomparable way. She touches her audience with a playfulness that reveals technical perfection, creative sophistication and deep musical wisdom.

Solo concerts

Famous works by Alexandre Scriabin or Arnold Schönberg, compositions by the greatest contemporary artists such as John Cage, György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Compositions written especially for her by Erwin Koch-Raphael, Thomas Läubli and Hans Otte – or own compositions: Claudia Janet Birkholz has mastered the whole range of contemporary sound art, and presents it with an inspiring mix of artistic passion and unparalleled virtuosity.


Curiosity. The greatest driving force behind Claudia Janet Birkholz’s artistic work is her curiosity about what has never been, what has yet to be achieved, what has yet to be recorded. In this quest, she looks for anchors outside of her own art, and combines science, business and culture with sound experiences. These have developed into lecture-concerts with interesting guests, informative talks and musical sequences alternating. An vibrant format full of new insights.

An extract from the repertoire

New music can be experienced in detail, but is often only understood in context. With her programme-concerts, Claudia Janet Birkholz gives her audience very special access – always with a specific core theme. “100 Jahre Avantgarde”, “Nachtklänge”, “Abenteuer Wahrnehmung”: each programme consists of different artistic works and moderated passages – and ushers you into another world. Emotional, thrilling, insightful.

Unter Strom

Sound patterns of simply captivating beauty:
A moderated concert with works for piano and electronics – and an exciting dialogue between analogue and electronic music.

Compositions (extract)

Luigi Nono

Sofferte onde serene (1975–77)

Georg Friedrich Haas

Ein Schattenspiel (2004)

Hans Otte

Face à Face for piano and playback


At night, familiar things seem strange. A concert in the midst of nocturnal soundscapes – with works by Arnold Schönberg, Heinz Holliger and George Crumb (among others).

Compositions (extract)

Toshio Hosokawa

Nachtklänge (1994)

Luigi Dallapiccola

Quaderno Musicale di Annalibra for piano (1952)

George Crumb

A little midnight music (2001)

100 Jahre Avantgarde

Developments and innovations in music in the 20th and 21st centuries: An acoustic journey through 100 Jahre Avantgarde – from Alexandre Skrjabin to Christoph Herndler (among others).

Compositions (extract)

Henry Cowell

Exultation (1919)

George Crumb

A Little Suite for Christmas A.D. (1979)

Christoph Herndler

Variations sérieuses varation (2009)

Nothing Is Real

A concert that plays with the allure of the unrealistic: Works for piano, toy piano and live electronics – with compositions by Louis Andriessen and Alvin Lucier, among others.

Compositions (extract)

Karlheinz Essl

Sequitur (2008)

Erwin Koch-Raphael

Compositions no. 67 (Toy Variations) (2010)

Julia Wolfe

East Broadway (1996)

All About Water

Water is the source of life – and a defining leitmotif in music: Moderated concert with important text and musical works by Edgar Allen Poe, Luciano Berio and Noriko Makamura (among others).

Compositions (extract)

John Cage

Water music (1952)

Violeta Dinescu

Schlachtfeld von Marathon (2011)

Thierry Huilett

Sept Haiku (2011)

The Joy Of Toy

The focus here is on the toy piano: A journey to the first works that were composed for the toy piano until they were established in the music world of today.

Compositions (extract)

John Cage

Suite for toy-piano (1948)

Christoph Herndler

toytoytoy (1998)

Claudia Birkholz

Something yellow - and a little bit green (2007)


Claudia Janet Birkholz live on stage

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