Music from a new perspective.

Contemporary music from another dimension.

Ambassador of contemporary music Claudia Janet Birkholz promotes a different, freer and more spacious understanding of sound art – on stage as well as in dialogue. Always interested in exchange, she takes the time for all those who want to understand her world, and champions the change of perspective with great passion and unbounded joy of playing. Artificial intelligence, neuropsychology, music: with her expertise, she not only creates trend-setting works, but is also a popular discussion partner for journalists.

Music is more than mere music.

Would you like to report on contemporary music, “realtime – internationales festival für neue musik“ or Claudia Janet Birkholz? The concert pianist takes socio-political and scientific perspectives to illuminate contemporary sound art in all its variety. Here you will find an overview of the various subject areas in which the concert pianist appears as an expert.

Artificial Intelligence

Are computers the better composers?

In the music industry, artificial intelligence has become part of daily routine. But passion, emotions and spontaneity cannot be generated artificially. A statement for creativity.


What is actually happening in our heads?

Do we even have a personal taste of music? Or are our favourite songs nothing more than the mere sum of trained listening habits? The key to the ultimate sound experience is awareness.

Contemporary music

Why is contemporary music 100 years old?

Not a completed project but an eternal experiment. A mix of provocation of the familiar and continuity of the new. Contemporary music is an intangible but colourful world full of sounds and the desire for freedom.


How does a coffee cup sound?

Every human can create sounds – without any instruments. In her workshops, Claudia Janet Birkholz very consciously confronts the classical “listening to music” with “experiencing sound art”. Not reading music, just making music.


Piano in perfection?

Sophisticated playing techniques, qualified expertise and vast practical experience through countless concerts all over the world: Claudia Janet Birkholz shares her knowledge as a lecturer at the University of the Arts Bremen for more than 25 years.

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